Welcome to the community of Dollhouse Digest!

Here we bring together miniaturists, architects, artists, furniture makers, interior designers, landscape architects, and all others who enjoy the art of play to challenge modern living using the vehicle of miniatures.

All areas of our website are available for viewing with the exception of the Dollhouse Studio section.  If you are willing to fall into this rabbit hole with us even further, register for your free membership key to join in on all of the fun in the Dollhouse Studio.   In the Dollhouse Studio, you can get involved from design concepts to finished products alongside professional designers getting a peek into their world, join in for special events, auctions, juried critics, crafting techniques, charity events, sharing ideas, learning new cultures, friendly competitions for all ages, home tips, and networking. The sky’s the limit. The studio is as organic and ever-changing as the participants involved, just like the best design studios.

Just muck around in that honky-tonk sort of way, as my architecture teacher would say.  Join in and enjoy!

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