Designers of the Philippines Today

Design by Architect Alex Medalla

Home Design by Architect Alex Medalla

Modern designers and artist of the Philippines vary quite a bit in their styles and sensibilities. One thing they all have in common is that they are a wonderful product of their culture. Whether they embrace European modernism or more of the vernacular architecture such the  Nipa hut, their astute connection with nature and pride for their culture always come through.

Elegant Filipino livingroom, painting by artist Abi Goy, dining room by Ivy and Cynthia Almario, modern wicker furniture by Betty Conopure, and elegant Machuca tile

With a sense of isolation from the rest of the world, Filipino designers have pushed their aesthetics while still maintaining the value of design. Being surrounded by the real economic and political state of their country, Filipinos have designed to make it matter, purposeful and spiritual.

Ceiling brings in nature, modern kitchen with a fresh Pacific feel, wood and accent colors bring in nature, and dining room by Valerie Ann Reyes shows how exotic woods are done.

Filipinos embrace modernism for it’s simplicity which is the perfect showcase for the beautiful wood grains of Asia. Nature is usually brought in through bringing in wood textures from the islands.

Mosquito nets gone sexy, design Pacific by Wilmer Lopez, daybed drapery, and tropical seating by Ria Benedicto-Villavicencio

Spaces are kept light and airy to contrast the hot and humid weather. The realities of the weather have made the open living space plan common in home design. Forms of screening for mosquitoes such as draping nets around furniture, have become a necessary consideration as well.

First two images by Alex Medalla, Rading Decepida, and Jerry Isles

Filipino designers have expressed their love of nature and connection to it skillfully and deliberately. Modernism has allowed them to connect with the design world globally as well as provide a gift to the Filipino people by connecting to their history, spirituality, and beauty.

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