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Q: How should I start if I want to become a collector of miniatures?
There are different ways people collect. Some may collect for pure investment value of a piece while others collect items that have a personal meaning to them. The best way is to have a combination, so you have a collection which is personal and heartfelt while still being worthy of passing on to your children or sold to others decades later for their enjoyment. A photographer may collect items that relate to his craft. A traveller may find items as a way of documenting his journey. I do suggest to be picky. Choose items that you are drawn to, not just items that have your “theme”. I collect mini vases, but not all mini vases are done well or draw me to them. Connect with each piece.

Q: I have some designs that may work well as a miniature. Can I submit them for consideration to Dollhouse Digest?
Absolutely. We welcome all home products for consideration as miniatures and to help others to know more about you and your work. You may have full-size furniture designs, miniatures products, architectural designs, artwork, crafting tips, etc. and may want to make some extra money from your hobby, or just share your craft to increase your on-line presence as an artist. Opportunities are endless. Please see our “Become a Contributor” section under the “About”/”Our Contributors” menu for more information, and let us know more about you and what you do and we can see if it’s a good fit.

Q: Why do we have to be a member to use this site?
The main reason we decided to make a membership site was to aid in creating a quality community for our members. We get bombarded with so many spam e-mail (especially with the new software that sends them out automatically) as well as web surfers who have no interest in the forum; they just want to make vulgar comments. Our time would be best spent in keeping the site fresh and innovative. Also, we would like to offer specials products and events for our members to thank them for their interest and participation. Click on the “To Join The Dollhouse Studio” banner at the top of the website to sign up for your free membership.

Q: Do you do custom made homes?
We will do custom made homes on a case-by-case basis only at this time. Since the company is still in its infancy, we are mainly selling the kits for hobbyists to assemble and decorate to their personal taste along with providing components such as flooring, lighting, and furniture. Fully-assembled and finished dollhouses will also be available as completed on a limited edition basis. They may be by purchase or done as a charity auction. You may also find completed dollhouses done by our members all over the world through the “Real Estate Listings” section of the “Store/Products” page.

Q: How does the “Real Estate Listings”  work?
This is where all of you crafty hobbiests can show off your best works and make some money in the process. Basically, you can purchase listing space (like a newspaper) for a certain time period to sell your best completed dollhouses to other members. You may buy, assemble, and finish from one of our Dollhouse Digest kits or list one of your own creations either for sale or as advertising to your own website. As a buyer, you will be able to purchase completed dollhouses and note some of your favorite artisans for any future purchases. This is also a great way to see how others have finished their homes as well. See the “Real Estate Listings” for more information as well as “How to Increase The Value of Your Dollhouse” post.

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