Modern Miniaturist Dragondee

miniature livingroom by Lene Dragon

miniature livingroom by Lene Dragon

Slowly becoming one of the top leaders in the modern miniature movement, Lene Dragon has been patiently and skillfully honing her craft to inspire others such as myself.  By day, she is a  freelancer in industrial design specializing in package design, so all of her miniature work is done in her spare time. Each piece is made by hand and reflect some of the iconic modern pieces from today in playscale. Whether it be a rare Le Corbusier sofa or a mass-produced item inspired by IKEA, Lene continues to create interiors that delight and document interiors of today. Her interiors are detailed down to the plants and candles to help make each scene realistic and warm. Most of us can not afford designer furniture, so miniatures are a great way to own that historical designer piece or even create our own designs.

Barcelona Chaise

Barcelona Chaise replica by Dragondee

Modern Bedset

Modern Bedset by Dragondee

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