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Design updates for May 2010.

Stay tuned for an update on my trip back from the Philippines.

Design updates for the weeks of April 5-30, 2010.

Besides sketching out some design ideas for the first dollhouse, I have a recent opportunity to go to the Philippine and travel around the islands in Mid-April. Incorporating cultural elements in modern design has always been challenging, and in the architecture community, quite controversial. I believe modern design can have historical and cultural elements, and dollhouses can be the tool explore and transform the modern building language.

Woodslat House

Woodslat House

From my travels, I am hoping to be documenting some of the residences and rituals of living in a hot and humid environment as well as the mountanous and tropical microclimates.  Many of the remote islands are also restricted to local building materials and labor so the construction techniques can be interesting, made with vegetation and maybe even found objects. I am working on being able to post as I travel so I’ve been gearing up the technology to do so. (There must be an app for that!)


Design updates for the week of February 7 – 13, 2010.

We have expanded our website to include thoughts and designs of doghouses as well as a kids section for special events and posting.   Thoughts of a child are priceless and remind us to continue to see the world around us with wonderment. Because of that, they can design the craziest things. Dogs (and cats) need their space too within the home; a place to call their own. Our children and pets are very important family members that help make a house feel like a home, and can influence the design as well as inspire us. Dollhouses and doghouses, look out!

This has been a busy week for me. The reality of having to have my home fumigated has begun along with studying for the rest of my exams, so my designs have only start in sketch form.  In the up coming weeks, I will be showing some built examples of  homes that show some of the ideas that have come to mind when one thinks of an inside out house or a modular home.

I should be posting some initial bedroom furniture designs soon as well as progress pictures on the miniature art pieces. Thanks for your patience!


Design updates for the week of January 17 – 23, 2010.

We have narrowed down some ideas for the first dollhouse schematic designs. They are still subject to change but for the sake of moving forward here are our initial design thoughts. Each one has endless potential for a variety of  homes

1) The-Inside-Out-House -  Homes, in some respect or another, have some connections between inside the house to its surroundings. Modern homes have blurred that line even more bringing in the landscape through carefully placed openings and glass, Or taken from more primitive dwellings, bringing the typical inside functions into an outside space. I believe this is a great way to start off the dollhouse  because it breaks down what we may have previously thought of as the boundries of one’s living space.

2) The Modular Home – Modular Homes are defintely a basic contempory concept to help deal with a very contemporary problem, housing a certain amount of people in a certain amount of space in the most efficient way possible. We will explore some of the ideas in the past and present to see where we see the future of  modulars.

3) The Live/Work Space – There was a time when most people lived and worked in one structure. Modern times, due to the invention of the automobile and freeways, people have lived further and further away from their work environments. Recently, many have been questioning their quality of life and are finding ways to have primary or secondary home-businesses. There is a surge again of live/work spaces and it’s an exciting issue to explore.

Coming up, we plan to start looking at the histories of these types and doing some initial sketch ideas.


Design updates for the week of January 10 – 16, 2010.

We are currently thinking through some ideas for the first couple of dollhouses and trying to narrow them down to a couple. Of course this is one of the most fun parts because your thoughts can go crazy, but it is also so very difficult to chose just one or two. So far these are some of the ideas that are being considered:

1) Inside-out house

2) Hovering box

3) Modern pink house

4) Treehouse

5) Courtyard house

6) Underground home with skateboard or park above

7) Adobe home

8) Outside living space

9) Modern craftsman style

10) Green architecture

11) Modular systems

12) Moroccan Modern

Let us know your thoughts or preferences.

Also, we are working on getting some furniture and houseware items made as well as artwork from noted artists. We will be posting pictures of the woodshop soon along with the items as they are being made, so stay tuned into our “In Production” post for updates.

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  1. Carrie Fletcher says:

    Container Houses-made from shipping containers.Some singles and some stacked on top of one another or at different angles.

  2. Dollhouse Digest says:

    Great idea. Unfortunately, the shipping container dollhouse has been done (and done well) by Paris Renfroe of PRD. I have seen this proposed for museums as well which would be very cool. The art exhibit is in each container, and when exhibits change, they just get out the crane. I do like the module concept though and will definitely include that on the list. Thanks for the input.

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