Textures from the Philippines

Nature is found everywhere within the Philippine culture. Much of the culture can be discovered through their use of material and textures found on the islands. Indigenous materials are woven, carved, polished, or nailed into everyday objects, and has escalated to their own unique art forms.

In urban areas, the shanty town habitat made up of plywoods and metal decking as well as storage boxes and other found objects is still prevalent today. But in the outskirt areas, the Nipa hut influenced home (also known as the “bahay kubo”) has become the most popular home for many of the regions. The textures are woven into their thatched roofs, bamboo flooring, and woven walls.

Within their everyday objects such as baskets, textiles, and wood panels, patterns are found that reflect elements and colors of nature.

Like all island nations, building materials are mainly made up of concrete and masonry.  Their arrangement of masonry and relief impressions within concrete block shows their respect and flow for nature as well.

Organically-shaped wood furniture brings nature to their personal living space.

When designing real or dollhouse items, look at a branch or twig, and imagine what its potential can be. Does it want to be a table top? A chair? Can it be woven? Can it be carved? Add some texture to your doll’s world.

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