Welcome to the Kids’ Room – Question #1

Self-portrait by my nephew, age 8, from San Diego.

Growing up, I remember comedian Bill Cosby having a hilarious television series called “Kid’s Say The Darndest Things.”  He would ask a question like, “Where do babies come from?” and get the most honest, funniest answers. Well here at DHD, we would like to do the same thing just internet style. Let’s see what those little minds come up with when they think of the home they live in, their fantasy home, life on Mars, the world we live in. Just send in your kid’s drawing, a video, artwork, a 3-D model, or a funny anecdote.  Teachers, aunts, uncles, grandparents are all welcome to submit for a little one they know. 

Question #1

What would your fantasy home look like?

Extreme Example:

120 Snacks used for the Froghouse from Japan

Entries can be sent to ellen@dollhousedigest.com, posted in comments below, or posted on our Facebook Page Wall.   Note: All entries are subject to our discretion for review and approval upon posting. Unless requested by a parent, only first names (or pseudo-names), ages, and hometowns will be posted for children’s protection.

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