Who Needs More Storage?

Whether it’s with miniatures or in our own home, the question has always been “What am I going to do with all of this stuff?!” Most of us struggle with what we should hold on to and what can be donated or sold. Every year, we get more stuff that we are convinced we “can’t live without” and every year things are shoved in a corner somewhere. We are convinced that we just need more space or more storage, but in reality, we just have too much stuff! With the new year underway, it is definitely a good time to think of the things that you truly treasure. These are the things that make your space feel connected and comforted. Some items are to be stored for another day, some trashed, donated, or sold, and rest displayed for your pleasure or use. Moving away the clutter is the first step to helping you (and a designer) in creating a meaningful space.

Miniature collectors have a similar dilemma usually having items displayed at all times. I have seen many mini-displays that look like an explosion just occurred. Items strewn all over like the room just got ransacked by burglars. I would think that most collectors are good at organizing their items, but it is always an issue. Experienced designers have always seen the handling of “stuff” as a creative challenge more than a nuisance. A home with well-placed and ample storage has much more added value than a home with none…..and so should the dollhouses and miniatures of today. Miniature furniture pieces like a coffee table can incorporate storage and be beautiful. Built-in storage and displays in a dollhouse can help define the space as well as adding functionality and class.

Storage is a topic of the modern age and Dollhouse Digest is looking forward to exploring all the possibilities. If you are a collector or someone who was blessed with the organizer gene, let us know some of your tips. We may be able to incorporate it in the dollhouses.

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