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Welcome all of our new members from around the world! Friends from USA, Japan, Russia, Germany, United Kingdom, and Costa Rica have decided to fall into this rabbit hole with us for a little mini-adventure. Let us know why you love where you live, or how you would want to improve where you live. Share your stories of your heritage or your collection of miniatures. It’s always very exciting to hear different points of view, so don’t be shy.

Dollhouse Digest is still in its infancy but is slowly growing and reshaping itself into something unexpected. We have started our initial studies for the first miniature home designs along with production on original miniature artwork and furniture inspired from the Pacific. The concepts of the “modular living unit” as well as the “row house” are being studied to giving them a new contemporary twist. We are excited about the new ideas for the modern “dollhouses”, so put on your imaginary architects hat, sign up for your free membership and join us in the “Studio” for your feedback on the proposed design concepts.

by Ellen Riingen, Editor-in-Chief

Filed Under: Thoughts from the Artisans


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